Episode: 0008

Release Date: 17th of August 2021

Name Drops: Locate International, Regional Counter-Terrorism Advisory Group

Related Links: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/jill-dando-institute/sites/jill-dando-institute/files/self_selection_final_no_20.pdf 

Associations Mentioned: Locate International, Regional Counter-Terrorism Advisory Group

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Podcast Writer:  Paige Keningale 

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Podcast Email: podcasts@acia.org.uk 

Podcast Webpage: https://www.acia.org.uk/Podcasts

Podcast social media:  ACIA,  LinkedIn: Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts (UK). 


00:00:12- Introducing Tanja
00:01:57- Locate International 
00:04:20- Skill sets Autistic analysts provide
00:18:36- The interview Process and how this can affect those who are on the autistic spectrum 
00:25:44- Break 
00:25:55- Research Snippet with the Police Science Dr
00:26:58- How distractions have negative impacts 


Tanja Conway-Grim works in a variety of roles with different organisations such as the NHS and the police. She is on the autistic spectrum and is an experienced presenter and workshop facilitator on a variety of subjects including autism, neurodivergence, co-production, and missing persons. She has a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences and an MRes in Forensic Investigation. She is a member of the Regional Counter-Terrorism Advisory Group (RCTAG) and sits on the Advisory Board of Locate International - which specialises in reviewing cold-case homicides and long-term missing person cases using OSINT. Autistic Detectives is a project to explore the positive attributes of autism and how it can benefit investigations.



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