Osborne Tapes

Analysts' Corner Podcast was a podcast hosted and produced by Debbie Osborne in 2008-2009. Kathleen Allen is hosting the Osborne Tapes, a rerelease show publishing every Wednesday starting August 17, 2022.

Podcast Description:

This show features ideas and interviews related to the development of crime and intelligence analysis in policing. Crime and intelligence analysis are at the heart of the future of policing and will radically improve public safety someday. Listen and learn why we should and how can you bring this change about. 

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Guest Show Name Show Duration Link
11/2/2022 7/29/2009 Eugene Matthews Eugene Matthews on CRIMINT - Criminal Intelligence Development in the Military 45 Episode 14
10/26/2022 11/17/2008 Dale Smith Dale Smith on Training from the National White Collar Crime Center 30 Episode 13
10/19/2022 9/10/2008 Joseph Concannon Joseph Concannon on New York Metro Infragard  30 Episode 12
10/12/2022 6/3/2009 Greg Whisenant Greg Whisenant on CrimeReports.com 30 Episode 11
10/5/2022 3/12/2009 Greg Saville  Greg Saville on Radical Common Sense - the Analyst as Change Agent 60 Episode 10
9/28/2022 10/3/2008 Matthew White Matthew White on Building  Better Analytical Units 60 Episode 9
9/21/2022 3/9/2009 Kristen Anderson, Angela Aufmuth and Carmen Glascow Analysis at  the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 60 Episode 8
9/14/2022 9/23/2009 Joe Rozek Collaboration Tools in Fusion Centers 60 Episode 7
 9/8/2022 8/29/2008 Jim Mallard Jim Mallard on the Role of Technology in Improving  Crime and Intelligence Analysis 45 Episode 6
8/31/2022 8/22/2008 Pamela Beal Pamela Beal on Graffiti 30 Episode 5
8/24/2022 9/1/2008 Dr. Jerry Ratcliffe Jerry Ratcliffe on Intelligence Led Policing 30 Episode 4
8/17/2022 4/20/2009 Bryan Hill Bryan Hill on the Book  "Fundamentals of Crime Mapping" 45 Episode 3
8/17/2022 9/3/2008 Dr. William Tafoya William Tafoya on the University of New Haven's National Security Program 30 Episode 2
8/17/2022 8/18/2008 Lisa Palmieri Lisa Palmieri on Why Crime and Intelligence Analysis Matters 30 Episode 1
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