Episode: 0007

Title: Boost your Intelligence Analysis with the Power of Location

Release Date: 5th of August 2021

Name Drops: Geospatial Commission, Cabinet Office

Related Links:
Featured as one of the 30 women’s in the global Women in GIS Volume 2, Esri Press ( promotional storymap)
The Government Geography Profession: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/government-geography-profession
To register: https://members.geography.gov.uk/register/

Resources links:
GIS and Crime Mapping, Spencer Chainey & Jerry Ratcliffe (2005)
Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers in 60 small steps, Ronald V. Clarke and John Eck (2016)
Sherman, L., and Kumar, S. (2021). Equal Protection by Race with Stop and Frisk: a Risk-Adjusted Disparity (RAD) Index for Balanced Policing, Cambridge Journal of Evidence-Based Policing, 5, 1-19.
Link for article: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s41887-021-00065-4

Associations Mentioned: Geoservices, Geospatial Commission, Cabinet Office, Women+ in Geospatial and GovGeoProfession.

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Podcast Writer: Paige Keningale

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00:01:02- Introducing Olivia
00:05:15- Location at the heart of analysis/ problem solving
00:18:40- The tools and skills needed
00:28:12- ACIA Science Snippet
00: 29:07- Olivia's Top Tips for Analysts




Olivia Powell is passionate about geospatial data and its ability to unlock unique insights into decision making. With an MSC in Geographic Information Systems, Olivia spent 16 years working in Avon and Somerset Police, first in Criminal Intelligence Analysis (using it daily to solve cases and strategic problems) then as the Geoservices team manager, coordinating the spatial analysis training for the analytical profession and expanding the use of geospatial tools to their business areas, making Avon and Somerset Police one of the most geospatially driven forces in the UK.

She has now joined the Geospatial Commission, in Cabinet Office, and continues to promote the use of location data across the UK and the UK’s great geospatial expertise worldwide as International Lead. Olivia is also passionate about diversity and sits on the Executive Board of Women+ in Geospatial.

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