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Episode 00002

Release Date:  March 4, 2021

Description: Dr Karagiannopoulos' talk will focus on his work for the award-winning Cybercrime Awareness Clinic he directs and will discuss the findings from previous and current work relating to cyberawareness for young people, small and medium organisations and older adults over 60 years of age. This will involve work he has done for Hampshire police, the National Cyber Security Centre and the European Commission Interreg 2 Seas. Finally, Dr Karagiannopoulos will analyse the Clinic model as a public criminology innovation project and will review the challenges and lessons learned from the experience or running the Clinic in the past 3.5 years. For more information on the clinic, go to

About the guest:


Dr. Vasilis Karagiannopoulos is a Reader in Cybercrime and Cybersecurity at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies (ICJS), University of Portsmouth.Vas graduated from Athens Law School and completed an LLM in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law and a PhD in Law at the University of Strathclyde. He is currently the Director of the Cybercrime Awareness Clinic, which was recently awarded a National Cyber Awareness Award in the National Cyber Awards 2020 sponsored by the National Police Chiefs’ Council. He has also developed and led the launch of the innovative BSc in Criminology and Cybercrime in 2018 and has published in national and international academic journals and magazines on various cyber-related issues. He is currently working on national and international Clinic projects funded by the EU Commission, the National Cyber Security Centre and the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats.    



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