ACIA New Horizons Podcast with Host Paige Keningale

Episode 00005

Release Date:  June 4, 2021

About the guest:

Dani has been an intelligence analyst within policing for 16 years and a special constable for 12. She initially worked on divisional level 1 criminality before moving forces to work on a Major Incident Team. She then moved back to divisional work but within the world of child sexual exploitation undertaking both strategic and tactical work to improve the policing response to this type of criminality. She then moved over to work in a multi-agency CSE team working for the council and then moved to the Joint Slavery and Trafficking Analysis Centre where she represented territorial policing and was the lead for Child Trafficking.

Dani was one of the winners of the ACIA awards in 2014 and went on to win the IALEIA award in 2015. She regularly speaks at conferences and enjoys promoting the work of analysis in law enforcement. 

Dani recently left law enforcement to take the post of Child Protection Lead Analyst within a safety tech company at the forefront of tackling online abuse of children.

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