Episode: 0012

Release Date: 21st of October 2021

Related Links: https://www.toddington.com/team-member/david-toddington/ Link for research Snippet: Tonkin, M., Woodhams, J., Bull, R., Bond, J. W., & Palmer, E. J. (2011). Linking different types of crime using geographical and temporal proximity, Criminal Justice & Behaviour, 38, 1069-1088. https://doi.org/10.1177/0093854811418599 

Podcast Writer: Paige Keningale 

Theme Song: Wolf Moon- Unicorn Heads. 

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00:00:14- Introducing David

00:03:14- Thinking about Thinking… What does this mean?

00:04:16- From Front line experience to being on the TV. 

00:12:30- Discussing Police forces and LEA around the world: the differences

00:16:30- Who is the Toddington International? 

00:23:52- ACIA Science Snippet 


00:23:33: ACIA’s NEW PODCAST: Crime Analysis: From Between the Tropics. Hosted by Emmanuel James Oteng. 




David Toddington is the Founder & CEO of TII. With a background as a senior manager in the IT industry, and with front-line experience in national security, police and military operations, David has developed a number of highly acclaimed training programs that enable front-line investigative and research professionals to produce superior intelligence products using cutting edge OSINT tools in conjunction with advanced critical thinking methodologies.

David has held numerous police appointments including Royal Canadian Mounted Police Supernumerary Constable, Designated Law Enforcement Officer (DLEO) with the Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia, and RCMP Auxiliary Constable within the Province of British Columbia. David has also served in both Canada’s Army and Navy Primary Reserves in addition to the Cadet Instructor Cadre program (Air).

Among other awards, David has been the recipient of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commanding Officer’s Commendation for his work in the development and implementation of new police Open Source Intelligence systems.

In working with the private sector, David maintains a position as Special Advisor to the International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Crime Section in London and is sought after by numerous Fortune 100 companies to provide training and consulting services to organizations in the financial, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors.

Cast in the BAFTA nominated, ground breaking, hit UK television series “Hunted” over its first four seasons, David featured prominently on the program, utilizing his skills as an online OSINT specialist and digital surveillance expert to pursue and apprehend the program’s fugitives.

Outside of his work with TII, David is a Private Pilot (Aeroplane category), a Flight Instructor (Ultralight category) and an Advanced Operations Pilot for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. David is an active volunteer, flight crew member and RPAS pilot with the Civil Aviation Search and Rescue Association (CASARA).

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