Episode: 0013

Release Date: 4th of November 2021

Podcast Writer: Paige Keningale 

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00:00:17- Introducing Olli

00:01:13- How Olli started in Law Enforcement 

00:04:46: Law Enforcement in the US 

00:05:23: Human Trafficking 

00:20:23: Changes that are needed 


00:28:54: ACIA’s NEW PODCAST: Crime Analysis: From Between the Tropics. Hosted by Emmanuel James Oteng. 



Dr. Andreas (Olli) M. Olligschlaeger specializes in law enforcement information systems and software development for federal, state and local agencies. Formerly a systems scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, with appointments at the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy, the Robotics Institute and the School of Computer Science, Olli also has practical experience working within law enforcement agencies in vice and narcotics enforcement, crime analysis and criminal intelligence. The primary focus of his 30 year career spanning academia, practical law enforcement and private industry has been on integrating advanced technologies into systems designed to not only support law enforcement personnel in their investigations, but also to make them more efficient.

Olli’s primary expertise is in artificial intelligence methods for crime forecasting, advanced analytical tools for the automated mining of very large data sets for both crime analysis and criminal intelligence, meta data extraction, advanced spatial statistical methods, expert systems, and designing and implementing tools to collect millions of OSINT records from the web on a daily basis and ingest them into a variety of databases. His work in correctional intelligence has included the automated mining of and topic detection within speech recognized text derived from inmate telephone calls. Most recently Olli is applying big data analytics, computer vision, natural language processing and other machine learning techniques to detect human trafficking in on line adult escort ads. Together with his team at Marinus Analytics he recently finished third in the Global AI for Good XPrize competition.

Olli is a member of the International Association of Crime Analysts, the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, the Society of Police Futurists International, where he is a past president, and serves on the ethics advisory board of the High Tech Crime Consortium.

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