Episode: 0020

Title: Emma Riches: The Outgoing Analyst 

Release Date:  24th of March 2022

Podcast Writer: Paige Keningale 

Theme Song: Wolf Moon- Unicorn Heads. 

Voice overs: Dr Susanne Knabe-nicol aka the Police Science Dr

Podcast Email: podcasts@acia.org.uk 

Podcast Webpage: https://www.acia.org.uk/Podcastshttps://www.leapodcasts.com/ 

Podcast Social Media: Twitter: ACIA_org,  LinkedIn: Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts (UK). 



Emma Riches is a Senior Intelligence Analyst who has spent her career specialising in analysing Organised Crime with local, regional, national and international implications. After spending some time in the NCA, Emma has moved to HMRC, embarking on an new exciting journey. Emma discusses her career, the transition from each organisation and reflects on her personal experiences whilst being an analyst within the intelligence community.

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