Episode: 0022

Release Date:  5th of May 2022

Podcast Writer: Paige Keningale 

Theme Song: Wolf Moon- Unicorn Heads. 

Voice overs: Dr Susanne Knabe-nicol aka the Police Science Dr

Podcast Email: podcasts@acia.org.uk 

Podcast Webpage: https://www.acia.org.uk/Podcastshttps://www.leapodcasts.com/ 

Podcast Social Media: Twitter: ACIA_org,  LinkedIn: Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts (UK). 



Mark Nuttall has an extensive counter-crime and risk background with over 20 years’ experience as a global risk management, anti-financial crime, and international security specialist. He has a background in security, law enforcement, geopolitics, international organisations, corporates, financial institutions, project management and risk consultancies. Mark has been a Detective/ Serious and Organised Crime (Warranted Police Officer) for the Metropolitan Police Service,  Executive staff/ Criminal Intelligence for Interpol and now is a Director for a risk special services in Singapore. 


Mark has the following publications that may be of interest to you

  • 'Bribery, corruption, geopolitics and investigation', in the 'Handbook of Security and the Environment' published by Edward Elgar Publishing (2021)
  • ‘Who or What are ‘Police’? A Speculation on Why Organised ‘Crime’ Succeeds’ published online by RUSI SHOC (2021) 
  • Committee member - 'Preemployment background screening and vetting (PBSV) guideline' published by ASIS International (2022). 


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