Episode: 0016

Release Date:  6th of December 2022

Podcast Writer: Paige Keningale 

Theme Song: Wolf Moon- Unicorn Heads. 

Voice overs: Dr Susanne Knabe-nicol/ Police Science Dr

Podcast Email: podcasts@acia.org.uk 

Podcast Webpage: https://www.acia.org.uk/Podcastshttps://www.leapodcasts.com/ 

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Other resources: https://www.kirisgroup.com/ 

Podcast Social Media: Twitter: ACIA_org,  LinkedIn: Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts (UK). 



Owain Mason-Johns is the Head of Intelligence & Investigations at Kiris Group, where he specialises in developing bespoke intelligence solutions for clients – delivering Kiris Group intelligence capabilities in the most novel way possible. Focussing on both defensive activities rooted in intelligence best practice, as well as active capabilities designed to deliver targeted collection and effects. Most recently, this has focused on developing augmented intelligence processes to leverage OSINT in predictive behavioural analytics. He is passionate about intelligence & analytical capability, counter-intelligence capability and the delivery of tradecraft practice in the digital domain, where his expertise lies in the marriage of IT security and online behaviours. 

Prior to joining Kiris Group, he was a Military Intelligence Officer, specialising in counterintelligence.

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