Episode: 0010

Release Date: 16th of September 

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Podcast Writer: Paige Keningale 

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00:00:02- Introducing Leigh

00:01:38- Where we are at the moment in terms of law enforcement 

00:03:53- How has the analyst role changed 

00:09:00- Challenges of analysis 

00:10:00- Analysts of the future 

00:21:53- ACIA Science Snippet 




Leigh Morgan-Jones – Head of Service Delivery - Staffordshire Police. Leigh has been enjoying her career at Staffordshire Police since 2003 following her role as an Analyst for West Midlands Police and is part of the Knowledge Hub Command Team specifically responsible for research, intelligence, performance and analysis force-wide.  Leigh leads several happy teams that deliver a consistent outstanding service for Local Policing, Investigative Services and Force strategic leaders as well as a Real Time Intelligence function within the Contact Services Department.


To complement her core role Leigh is the Chair of the NPCC Intelligence Portfolio sub-group- National Analyst Working Group that reports to the NPCC National Analysis Coordination Group. On occasion Leigh acts as a specialist advisor for national analysis projects and thrives at being at the forefront of a continually improving analysis community in UK Law Enforcement.

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