Episode 00020

Release Date: September 14, 2020

Description: What is it like behind the scenes of a successful IACA Conference? In this episode, we speak with one of the people who made it happen for the past few years -- Henderson PD's Supervising Crime & Intelligence Analyst and the IACA Conference Chair, Albert Mesa. Albert shares his journey from being a novice analyst to where he is today and the things he learned and cherished along the way; Albert also gives tips to our listeners on how to identify vehicles and how he sharpened that skill. Albert Mesa is currently the Supervising Crime & Intelligence Analyst with the Henderson Police Department. 

Names Dropped: Debbie Hernandez, Bryan Hill, Safa Egilmez, Sally Tarabah, Samantha Gwinn, Christopher Bruce, Annie Mitchell, Stacey Belledin, Beth Glover, Ericka Jackson

Public Service Announcements:  Kyle Stoker, Steve French, Tony Berger, Sally Tarabah

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