Episode 00018

Release Date: August 31, 2020

Description: Is there a difference between crime and intelligence analysis? Is starting your career out at a task force good? Are three analysis certifications enough? Angela Backer-Hines is the recipient of three analysis certifications and helps facilitate IACA training on the Training Committee along with an upcoming guest, Kyle Stoker. In this episode, Angela shares how she fell into crime analysis and emphasizes the importance of different training for her growth and development. Recently Angela has become her agency's expert on computer forensics in addition to her role as a crime analyst. Angela also shares how she and her husband are renovating a farmhouse and gives some helpful insights on DIY projects. Angela is currently a crime analyst and computer forensic examiner with the Eagan Police Department in the state of Minnesota. 

Names Dropped: Steve Gottlieb, Christopher Bruce, Jerry Ratcliffe, Sean Bair, Gwen Udell, Kyle Stoker

Public Service Announcements:  Hiring Guide Promo, Kyle Stoker, Albert Mesa

Related Linkshttps://www.justice.gov/usao-mn/pr/eagan-man-sentenced-25-years-federal-prison-producing-pornographic-images-two-year-old

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