This is a special episode dedicated to the 2022 LEIU/IALEIA Conference in Dallas, Texas.  The episode contains short interviews with conference attendees to get reactions to the conference.  

00:00:18 – Dr. Shelagh Dorn, IALEIA President
00:13:04 – David Carians, Former CIA Analyst
00:24:34 – Kassie Langdon, First Time Attendee from Cary, NC
00:30:05 – Leonard Leedy, Presenter
00:40:30 – Noam Zitzman, First Time Attendee from Israel
00:46:19 – Phil Powell, Chapter Director
00:52:44 – Querida Finch, First Time Attendee from St. Kitts-Nevis
01:04:08 – Alexander Gulde, FDLE
01:09:13 – Jenny Urquhart, Communication Director
01:15:42 – David Jimenez, Lonestar Texas Chapter President



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