Episode: 00088

Release Date: January 3, 2022

Description: Our first episode of 2022! Our first guest this year, Barry Fosberg, kicks us off with a reminder that there is more to a story beyond the surface-level data provided; analysts should be able to see people beyond simply "suspect" or "victim." Barry's badge story about a gang member's murder exemplifies this message. During his time at the police department, Barry developed an algorithm that helps rank repeat offenders and targets -- a major hit with the patrol division which was highly goal-oriented and needed a person and/or place to focus their attention towards. Barry is an avid book reviewer and details how he finds and rates books. Barry is currently a senior criminal intelligence analyst for the Houston Police Department. 

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Name Drops: Shawn Gibson (00:08:22), Christopher Bruce (00:15:20), Dr. Joel Caplan (00:25:08), Jim Mallard (00:26:31), Krista Whitehead (00:36:15), John Eck/Ronald Clark (00:38:17), Dawn Reeby (00:56:01)

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Dawn Reeby (https://www.leapodcasts.com/e/atwje-dawn-reeby-the-ceo-analyst/)
Freddy Croft

Related Links:  https://cops.usdoj.gov/RIC/Publications/cops-w0047-pub.pdf

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00:00:17 – Introducing Barry
00:05:36 – From NOLA to Houston
00:11:21 – Analyst Badge Story – Ex-con Murder
00:14:48 – Ranking Suspect
00:22:28 – Break:  Dawn Reeby & Freddy Croft
00:24:15 – Place-Based Initiative 
00:30:50 – Ethics:  Fosberg’s First Law of Bureaucracy 
00:35:11 – Lingering issues in LEA
00:44:45 – Advice for Experienced Analysts
00:49:23 – Personal Interest - Book Reviewer
00:56:15 – Words to the World


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