Episode: 00107

Release Date: May 16, 2022

Description: By popular demand, the legend of tomorrow, Brian Napolitano, joins us this week for a jam-packed episode filled with two badge stories (robbery outside of a bank and a homicide case), workplace culture, and a bit of spoilers for the new Marvel movies. Brian brings wit, humor, and tips & tricks for people looking to build rapport within the department as well as best practices for analytical products. Brian also goes over the dos and don’ts for link charts (don’t cross the lines, except if you’re a ghostbuster). Brian is currently a crime analyst with the Gilbert (AZ) Police Department. 

CHALLENGE: There are Easter eggs in one of the tables of the chapter that Jason wrote for the IACA textbook. First-person to email us at leapodcasts@gmail.com about what the Easter eggs are will receive a $20 gift card from us. Happy hunting!

Name Drops: Matt D’Anna (00:03:37), Sean Bair/Noah Fritz/Dan Helms (00:06:54) ,Erin Wickersham (00:30:52), Lori Orr (00:46:20), Mike Winslow (00:58:45) 

Public Service Announcements: 
Erin Wickersham (https://www.leapodcasts.com/e/atwje-erin-wickersham-the-saucy-analyst/)
Small Steps

Related Links: https://www.aacaonline.org/ 

Association(s) Mentioned: AACA

Vendor(s) Mentioned: i2 Analyst Notebook 


Transcript:  https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/8huqrw/brian_napolitano_transcript.pdf

Podcast Writer: Mindy Duong

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00:00:17 – Introducing Brian
00:11:50 – ABS:  Shady Bandits
00:22:26 – Going to Gilbert
00:26:46 – ABS:  Drug Syndicate
00:33:56 – Break: Erin Wickersham & Small Steps  
00:36:23 – Link Charting
00:45:00 – RMS 
00:50:00 – AACA Innovation Award
00:53:02 – Personal Interests: MCU
01:05:36 – Words to the World


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