Episode: 00064

Release Date: July 19, 2021

Description: Transitioning from being behind the wheel of a patrol car to being behind a desk is not always easy, but can give an analyst a well-rounded perspective in law enforcement and crime prevention. In this episode, Dawn Clausius shares her journey of becoming a police officer, her transition into a civilian analyst role, and the cultural shift that came with it. Dawn has since transitioned into a law enforcement liaison role with Uncharted Software, the creators of Geotime. Dawn explains how far along mapping technology has advanced, and how private providers have been able to help law enforcement with their mission. Dawn also reminisces about her time on the IACA board; she continues to be a trainer and active member of IACA today. Dawn gives an overview of a burglary investigation she was assisted on involving a subject who officers observed committing the burglaries firsthand, as arresting someone for the actual act is different than an attempt --how do you feel about this assessment?  

Dawn is currently a law enforcement liaison with GeoTime, an adjunct professor with Baker University, and a trainer for the IACA. 

Name Drops: Gerald Tallman/Jamie May/Susan Whitford (00:04:21), Beverly Redding (00:04:54), Lucky Smith (00:24:19),  Allison Sullivan (00:37:23), Ashley Sacrider (00:37:38), Mike Berndl (00:42:57), Darryl Valinchus (00:44:35), Adeel Khamisa (00:46:24), Susan Whitford/Jamie May (00:47:21), Ericka Jackson/Sally Rawlings/Jason Paynich (00:50:03), Carolyn Cassidy/Ericka Jackson/Tony Berger/Eric Drifmeyer (00:58:05), Mary Bertuccelli/Annie Mitchell/Albert Mesa/Mike Winslow/Sam Gwinn/Mary Craige (00:58:19)  

Public Service Announcements:
Steve Beltz
Carolyn Cassidy (https://www.leapodcasts.com/e/carolyn-cassidy-–-the-world-traveler/) 

Related Links: https://geotime.com/ 

Association(s) Mentioned: IACA, MARCAN

Vendor(s) Mentioned: Uncharted Software (GeoTime)

Contact: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawn-c-2a5a3168/ 

Podcast Writer: Mindy Duong

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00:00:31 - Introducing Dawn
00:10:55 - From Officer to Analyst
00:21:15 - Badge Story:  Commercial Burglar Series
00:30:01 - Break: Steve Beltz, Carolyn Cassidy
00:31:49 - From PD to Vendor
00:46:44 - Best/worst of times with IACA
00:59:41 - Advice
01:01:40 - Personal Interests:  Dancer
01:06:12 - Words to the World


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