Episode: 00055

Release Date: May 17, 2021

Description: Criminal behavior and profiling have become widely popular due to mainstream television shows such as Criminal Minds and NCIS as well as a variety of documentaries on serial killers and exploration into their psyche. This week, we interviewed Dr. Leigh Ann Perry who has done work with the real FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) and NCIS Criminal Threat Division, to give us a real-work look on what it is like to work for these units, and compare how the shows stack to reality. Dr. Perry detailed the cases she worked with the respective units as well as gave listeners insights on how to seek out internships and potential job opportunities with these units. She also talks about her dissertation on the 7 attributes of the sexual assault event. If you're ever wondering what it is like to do analysis, especially in criminal behavior, this is the episode for you! Dr. Perry is currently an analyst team leader in global security as well as an adjunct professor with Salve Regina University. 

Name Drops: Julie Wartell (00:09:09), Andre Simons (00:17:29), Blair Robertson (00:19:09), Lou Eliopolus/Dr. Tom Dover/Tim Keel (00:28:55), Dr. Nicole Allen/Dr. Steven Lancaster (00:29:21)

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00:00:31 - Introducing Leigh Ann
00:08:07 - Research for Operational Purpose
00:14:12 - Research Examples
00:18:15 - NCIS
00:24:38 - Break - Scott Eicher, Shelagh Dorn, Brian Gray
00:25:48 - Analyst Badge Story - Dissertation - Sexual Assault Event Typology
00:39:20 - Exploring Serial Murder Class
00:47:24 - Advice
00:50:45 - Words to the World


7 Attributes of the Sexual Assault Event.  Table 1


7 Attributes of the Sexual Assault Event.  Table 2



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