Release Date: November 29, 2021

Description: Law enforcement is an ever-growing and evolving profession with numerous research and schools of thought to help improve the patrol, investigative, preventative, and of course, the analytical processes. In this week’s episode, crime/patrol analyst and pracademic, John Ng, demystifies misconceptions around evidence-based policing as well as an academic’s role in a real-world/practical setting. John stresses the importance of a harmonious partnership between academia and the professional world to advance the law enforcement (analysis) profession; his badge story emphasizes this point and provides an example for future research-based approaches to improving workflow and processes. John is currently a divisional crime analyst/patrol analyst for the Saskatoon Police Service in Canada, Director of Operations for the Canadian Society of Evidence-Based Policing, and the Chair for the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) Publications Committee. John is a certified law enforcement analyst (CLEA) and has written/contributed to multiple kinds of literature related to evidence-based policing and other various topics in law enforcement. 

Name Drops: Rachel Boba-Santos (00:03:30), Dr. Keira Stockdale (00:23:19), Kris Henning/Greg Stewart (00:30:43), Dr. Laura Huey/Lawrence Sherman (00:37:55), Drs. Rachel and Roberto Santos (00:44:58), Christopher Bruce (00:53:04), Manny San Pedro (00:56:43) 

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Emmanuel James Oteng
Manny San Pedro (

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Association(s) Mentioned: IACA, IACP, NIJ, BJA, CANEBP

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00:00:31 – Introducing John
00:04:55 – Initial Research
00:05:57 – Patrol Analysis
00:14:50 – Data Governance
00:19:20 – Analyst Badge Story:  Offender Management Program
00:35:10 – Break: Emmanuel James Oteng, Manny San Pedro 
00:37:22 – Evidence-Based Policing
00:39:30 – 3 T’s:  Targeting, Testing, Tracking
00:44:09 – How to Get Started with EBP (e.g. POP Center)
00:50:48 – IACA
00:55:09 – The “I” in IACA
00:59:29 – Advice
01:03:57 – Personal Interests:  Raising Twins
01:06:22 – Words to the World 


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