Release Date: July 13, 2020

Description: How do you begin your career in law enforcement analysis? In this episode, Danielle Giraud (the youngest analyst on our show to date!) shares how she first got started in law enforcement analysis over six years ago and her adventures thereafter. Danielle shares a story of one of the first cases she assisted on involving keeping children out of dangerous homes; the details and results of the case lead to the creation of Anayah's Law in Frederick, MD. In addition to multiple stories about the investigations she has worked on over the years, Danielle shares how she met her husband -- another Crime Analyst -- on her journey. Danielle represents the new generation of experienced, professional analysts ready to take analysis to the next level! Danielle has been an analyst in multiple states in different assignments and is currently the Crime Analyst for the Jefferson County (CO) Sheriff's Department. 

Names Dropped: Levi Giraud, Terry Gingerich, Chris Bruce

Public Service Announcements:  Mindy Duong, Metre Lewis

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