Release Date: September 15, 2021

Description:  Happy 40th Anniversary to the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysis! In this special episode series, Jason connects with some of the most influential members of IALEIA regarding the association’s history, local chapter activity, certification and training, the future of the association, and much more! This week, Jason talks with Gregory Thomas and Stacey Gosnell-Day about FIAT, the Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training. Greg and Stacey share their insight on the history and foundation of FIAT, list some of their favorite modules to teach, and close the segment by encouraging listeners to take part in courses as a participant or as a teacher!

Name Drops: Elise Dekoschak (00:07:02), Marilyn Peterson (00:12:26, 00:20:04) 

Related Links:
Learn more about FIAT: https://www.ialeia.org/foundations_of_intelligence_an.php
Interested in hosting a FIAT: https://www.ialeia.org/docs/FIAT_Hosting_FAQs_3-24-20.pdf

Association(s) Mentioned: IALEIA, RISS, LEIU, NW3C

 Vendor(s) Mentioned: 

Contact: FIAT@ialeia.org, https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregory-thomas-b2320432/

Podcast Writer:  Kathleen Allen

Podcast Researchers: Kathleen Allen

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00:00:30 – Introducing the 40th Anniversary Series 

00:00:52 – Greg’s Introduction 

00:02:23 – Stacey’s Introduction 

00:03:22 – FIAT History and Foundation 

00:08:26 – What Makes FIAT Different

00:12:59 – Favorite Modules and Concepts 

00:22:18 – Module and Material Updates 

00:24:46 – Locations and International Outreach

00:30:00 – Final Words 


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