IALEIA@40 - The Wrapup

Release Date: October 13, 2021

Description:  Happy 40th Anniversary to the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysis! In this special episode series, Jason connects with some of the most influential members of IALEIA regarding the association’s history, local chapter activity, certification and training, the future of the association, and much more! This week, Jason talks with President Shelagh Dorn and Vice President Alison Price-McGinnis about publications, the annual conference, and the future of IALEIA. We end this episode and this series with a montage of happy anniversary wishes from the IALEIA members.

Name Drops: Merle & Christy Manzi (00:16:00), Tracy Lempke (00:20:15), Paul Andrews (00:35:02)
Montage:  Allwell Nwaigwe (00:35:46), Josephine Aluko (00:36:11), Fabiyi Olayinka (00:37:04), Jason Jordaan (00:37:09), Jonathan Larkin (00:37:56), David Jimenez (00:38:21)   

Related Links: IALEIA Publications:  https://www.ialeia.org/resources_publications.php
Annual Conference:  https://www.ialeia.org/2022_leiu_ialeia_annual_traini.php 

Association(s) Mentioned: IALEIA

Contact: President@ialeia.org, VicePresident@ialeia.org 

Podcast Writer:  Kathleen Allen

Podcast Researchers: Kathleen Allen

Theme Song: Slowly Until We Get There - Joey Pecoraro
Montage Song:  Lifelong - Anno Domini Beats

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00:00:42 – Introducing the 40th Anniversary Series 
00:00:53 – Shelagh’s Introduction 
00:01:26 – Alison’s Introduction 
00:02:25 – Publications 
00:06:02 – Conference
00:12:47 – Future - Supervisor/Leadership Course
00:19:33 – Future - Webinars
00:23:51 – Future - Website
00:25:00 – Opportunity for Engagement
00:30:10 – Last Word
00:35:46 – Happy Anniversary Montage

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Shelagh Dorn Alison Price-McGinnis


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