Episode 00036

Release Date: January 4, 2021

Description: Welcome to our first episode of 2021! This week we interview Jeffrey Vandersip, an analyst with over 20 years of experience in law enforcement, which includes homicide and cold case investigations as well as supervisory and hiring experience. In this episode, listeners will learn about using tempo to forecast a bank robbery series, using genealogy to solve cold cases, his favorite analyst resources, bulletin pet peeves, and resolving issues in a large police department. Jeffrey also gives guidance on what the current generation of analysts can do to help the next generation be successful. Jeffrey was the past president for the San Diego and Southern California associations of crime analysts; he is currently the senior crime and intelligence analyst at the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. You can contact Jeffrey via email at Jeffrey.Vandersip@sdsheriff.org.

Name Drops: Christopher Bruce, Matt Harris, Steve Gottlieb, Noah Fritz, Hailey McKinney, Kurt Smith, Sean Bair, Albert Mesa 

Public Service Announcements:  Steve Gottlieb, Albert Mesa

Related Links: https://sdciaa.wildapricot.org/page-18060 ; https://www.scciaa.org/ ; https://abcnews.go.com/US/inside-timeline-crimes-golden-state-killer/story?id=54744307 ; https://www.familytreedna.com/ ; https://genebygene.com/ ; www.gedmatch.com ; https://www.leapodcasts.com/p/hiring-guide/ ; https://chia187.wildapricot.org/ ; http://www.cgiaonline.org/ ;https://www.newspapers.com/ ; https://www.ancestry.com/ ; https://geotime.com/ ;  

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffrey-vandersip-6957b658/ 

Podcast Writer: Mindy Duong

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0:00:31 – Introducing Jeffrey
0:13:17 – Large Department & Bureaucracy 
0:18:18 – Badge Story – Tempo & Bank Robberies
0:24:40 – Badge Story - Genealogy & Cold Case Homicide
0:36:57 – Break - Steve Gottlieb & Albert Mesa
0:39:16 – Analyst in the Homicide Unit
0:42:33 – Jeffrey’s Recommendations
0:47:54 – Crackerjacks & Generations
0:52:54 – BOLOs & the Importance of Writing
1:00:20 – Word to the World



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