Episode 00026

Release Date: October 26, 2020

Description: This week we hear from our IACA President herself -- Mary Bertuccelli. In this episode, Mary shares how her father was able to walk into a police department and asked to speak to the Chief to hand in her resume for a job -- and it worked! Mary walks us through how she gained the confidence of officers as a female civilian analyst when assisting on a case to locate a suspect. Mary explains the benefit of networking and connecting with other analysts in the field; it is just as important as developing your technical skills! Jason and Mary also share a moment of appreciation of how different their respective lives would be if certain career decisions weren't made. As IACA President, Mary expresses her gratitude to the numerous committees that keep the IACA running through these difficult times, especially the conference and training committees. Mary encourages all members to vote in this upcoming election which closes on October 31, 2020 as well as how she envisions IACA moving forward. Mary is currently the Crime Analysis Supervisor at the Scottsdale Police Department. 

Names Dropped: Jack Maple, Ed Norris, Eric Konohia, Paul Herman, Paul Bentley, Sally Rawlings, Chris Henningsen, Kelsey Cohen, Mike Winslow, Brittany Willis, Mark Stallo, Noah Fritz, Susan Hammond Whitford, Sean Bair, Dan Helms, Carolyn Cassidy, Adrienne Galbrecht, Manny San Pedro, Christopher Bruce, Kristen Lottman, Kyle Stoker. 

Public Service Announcements:  #Rec10WreckTheTrend

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