Episode 00010

Release Date: July 6, 2020

Description: Ever wonder what it was like to create a map using posters, pins, and string?  In this episode, Metre Lewis shares how she transitioned from being a dispatcher to being one of her department's first crime analysts; Metre talks about what she did when she first started, the products she's done, and how it evolved over time. This episode also features call-in questions from our listeners that Metre answers effortlessly -- pulling expert knowledge from her 35 years of experience. Metre explains how you can get buy-ins from your sworn counterparts, what day-to-day life was like, and how it is being the only analyst for your entire department. Metre is six months away from retirement as of this recording and expressed the pride and joy she has for the Florida Crime and Intelligence Analyst Association (FCIAA) that she helped found 26 years ago for how much it has grown and where it is headed. Post retirement, Metre hopes to continue helping make the world a better place by establishing a safe haven for those affected by homelessness and publish a book helping girls and women redefine themselves. Metre is currently a Criminologist for the City of Kissimmee. 

Names Dropped:  Mark Stallo, Noah Fritz, Steve Gottlieb, Kim Poole

Public Service Announcements:  Analysts’ Corner, Matt Smith

Callers:  Mark Stallo, Sam Gwinn, Sean Bair, Sally Tarabah, Carolyn Cassidy

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