Episode 00021

Release Date: September 21, 2020

Description: How can you utilize your crime analysis skills beyond your regular job? In this episode, Paul Arnold shares his unique approach to crime and intelligence analysis coming from academia along with tips and tricks on how to improve and expand on administrative analysis. Paul also shares how he uses his expertise in analysis and research to find his birth father after 40 years, making him the oldest person to get adopted in Colorado. Along with his day job, Paul educates people, mainly crime survivors, on how to clean up their digital footprint, making them virtually impossible to find. Paul Arnold is currently a Crime Analyst with the Thornton Police Department (paul.arnold@cityofthornton.net). This episode also features a new segment called "Favorite First Job" showcasing our previous guests' favorite first jobs along with Paul and Jason. 

Names Dropped: Sally Rawlings, Ken Hasla, Randy Nelson, Rachel Boba-Santos, Yani Rojo, Steve Gottlieb, Angela Backer-Hines, Albert Mesa, Shawn Fisher, Steve French, Christopher Bruce

Public Service Announcements:  Kyle Stoker on IACA Elections, Sally Rawlings, Mindy Duong, Metre Lewis

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