Episode 00014

Release Date: August 3, 2020

Description: If you thought only introverts go into analytical work, you haven't met this week's guest! Though, you likely have because you've attended one of her classes either at the conference or elsewhere. Sally Rawlings is a recognized expert in the field with over two decades of law enforcement analysis experience and she is not shy about sharing it. Sally has taught thousands of students throughout her career and continues to teach today. In this episode, Sally gives us an exclusive badge story that she hasn't shared before in a classroom or at a conference as well as multiple tips and tricks for new and seasoned analysts. Sally was the first analyst to get certified through IACA, beating out the second analyst by a few minutes -- or did she? Maybe we'll get someone on to dispute this in a future episode! Sally also gave us her opinion on the top analysis units in the country -- listen to see if you agree with her picks! Sally loves the law enforcement analysis field and helping others achieve their goals. Sally is currently a crime analyst with the Jefferson County (CO) Sheriff's Office and is the current chair for the IACA Analyst Mentoring Program. 

Names Dropped: Noah Fritz, Sean Bair, Dan Helms, John Cook, Steve Gottlieb, Mike Winslow, Jason Elder, Danelle DiGiosio, Michele Kennedy, Mary Bertuccelli, Brittany Willis, Mark Stallo, Chris Delaney, Beth Daniel, 

Public Service Announcements:  Sean Bair, Steve French, Shawn Fisher


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