Season 1 Hiring Episode 02

Release Date:  August 26, 2020

Description: Is your job bulletin attracting the right talent? This episode covers what managers should include in the job bulletin to ensure that the right talent would be interested in the position, from not only the salary, but also who the analyst would report to, the anticipated work hours, where they will be situated, what training can be expected, etc. Sean gives details on how to make a job announcement stand out as well as how job seekers can make their applications stand out. As important as the details in the job bulletin should be, so should a job applicant's resume and cover letter. Sean and Jason provide insights on how even applicants with no law enforcement experience can stand out amongst the competition. The job announcement and the application are the first impression the hiring manager and job seeker will have of one another, so it's important to get it done right, and Sean and Jason are here to help! For more information about the Hiring Guide, please visit

Guide Outline:

Names Dropped: John Fivekiller

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Podcast Writer:  Mindy Duong

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