Episode 00008

Release Date: June 22, 2020

Description: Esri ArcGIS is a name almost every analyst and beyond knows; it is a leading industry when it comes to mapping, and continuously grows and improves to assist law enforcement with their jobs. In today's episode, seasoned analyst and current Esri Educational Specialist, Stacy Belledin, shares how Esri has been continually assisting law enforcement to improve their processes and investigations as well as the training programs. Stacy also shares how she ultimately found her voice in crime analysis, the cases that really stuck with her, and how she continues to nurture her passion every day. Stacy reminisces the benefits of IACA and expands on Tony's message in Episode 00007 about how IACA is a place where you can feel at home and make life-long friends. Bonus: You can hear Stacy's lovely singing voice if you haven't already at the IACA conferences where she sings the national anthem every year! Stacy is currently the Educational Specialist with Esri. 

Names Dropped:  John Beck, Phil Mielke, Chris Delaney, Sally Tarabah, Mary Bertuccelli,  Mark Stallo, Tony Berger, Christopher Bruce, Noah Fritz, Carolyn Cassidy, Ericka Jackson, Matt White, Tess Sherman

Public Service Announcements:  Mindy Duong, Steve Gottlieb, Analysts’ Corner Podcast

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