Episode 00013

Release Date: July 27, 2020

Description: How are analysts in other countries doing? Is Hot Fuzz a documentary about the UK Police? This week we get to hear from our first international guest! In this episode, Steve French touches on multiple high-profile cases and topics that helped solidify him into this career and why he would do this job for free if he had to. Steve shares his views on how mental health should be viewed by law enforcement and how the UK is currently tackling these sensitive issues in an effort to reduce crime. Steve emphasizes the importance of emotional and mental self-care as civilian analysts also see and experience unsettling things on the job. Steve recently became fully vegan and is an avid runner who aspires to host IACA's first 10K run. Steve is currently an Operational Intelligence Analyst with the Devon and Cornwall Police in the United Kingdom. **Please note that this episode contains sensitive subject matters including rape, violent assaults, mental health, and juveniles being sentenced as adults. Listener discretion is advised.**

Names Dropped:  Jason White, Debbie Osborne, Christopher Bruce, Jerry Ratcliffe

Public Service Announcements:  Sean Bair, Sally Rawlings, Steve Gottlieb

Related Links:  Rape, Stabbing, & Shooting Case https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/how-police-tracked-down-exeter-354337 ,  Biker Feud https://bit.ly/3g1nzEA

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