Episode 00009

Release Date: June 29, 2020

Description: Alpha Group Center is one of the most well-known and effective companies for law enforcement analysis training; most of our listeners have likely been to a training provided by the Alpha Group Center and was taught by our guest today. In this episode, Steve Gottlieb shares his insights on what makes a successful analyst and how this industry has changed since he first started. Steve shares his favorite parts about being a trainer, what he learned himself over his career, and why he continues to give back to the community. Steve gives an annual award at the IACA Conference to honor those that develop an innovative idea that helps further the industry. Steve reminisces about alternative career choices and how he ultimately decided crime analysis was his calling. Steve Gottlieb is currently the Owner and Executive Director as well as a trainer with the Alpha Group Center for Crime and Intelligence Analysis Training. 

Names Dropped:  Jim Anthony, Dwayne Craig, Sheldon Ehrenberg, John Douglas, Robert Wessler, Greg Cooper, Skip Baylor, Lew Emerson, Steve Smith, Clarence O. Gray

Public Service Announcements:  Metre Lewis, Carolyn Cassidy

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