Episode 00025

Release Date: October 19, 2020

Description: Do you choose your career or does your career choose you? In this episode, Yarisa Walsh, investigative analysis extraordinaire and IACA's International Outreach Committee (IOC) Latin America representative, shares the story of how she survived her dangerous upbringing in the Dominican Republic and how it motivated her to seek a career in law enforcement and helping others. Yarisa shares how a bank robbery led to her career in investigations and where she is now in the cybercrimes and financial crimes world; in this segment, she also talks about a case she has been working on for nine years! Yarisa's background and experience bring a unique perspective to law enforcement analysis. Yarisa is currently an Investigative Analyst with TD Bank. 

Names Dropped:  Anne-Laure DelCerro, Carola Jersonsky, Manny San Pedro, Rachel Carson, Kyle Stoker, Sam Steiner

Public Service Announcements:  #Rec10WreckTheTrend, Mary Bertuccelli,  Rhea Gerstenkorn

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Podcast Writer:  Mindy Duong

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0:00:31 – Introducing Yarisa
0:13:30 – Bank Gets Robbed
0:21:17 – First Break – Rec 10 Wreck the Trend
0:24:04 – Fraud and Cyber Crimes
0:39:57 – Advise to Analysts
0:46:28 – Second Break – Mary Bertuccelli and Rhea Gerstenkorn
0:47:21 – IACA International Outreach Committee
1:00:49 – Personal Interests – Czech Republic and Cuba
1:04:36 – Word to the World


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