Episode: 00091

Release Date: January 24, 2022

Description: Our guest this week is a rising star in the law enforcement analysis field as he began his journey into analytics in early college. Alex Lynch was on his way to graduate with an environmental science degree when he discovered he had a knack for analytics as he was assisting setting up surveillance cameras and providing investigative support to make his campus safer. Alex ultimately was hired by the campus police to provide further analytical work; following the pandemic, he was assigned to a COVID task force to examine how New York City was handling the situation. Alex was ultimately hired by the NYPD where he worked on a multitude of investigations, including violent crimes, gun crimes, missing persons, and more. Alex is currently a Crime Analyst III with the New York City Police Department. 

This episode also includes a segment on “Favorite First Jobs” where guests share memories of their favorite first jobs. 

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Name Drops: Steve Gottlieb (00:53:10), Jeff Vandersip (00:54:17), Annie Thompson (00:57:18), Giovanni Pisapia (00:59:24), Brittany Willis (01:00:40), Dr. Leigh Ann Perry (01:01:53)

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Couple Fight with Mark Stallo
Freddy Croft (https://www.leapodcasts.com/e/atwje-freddy-croft-the-key-master-as-opposed-to-gatekeeper/)

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00:00:17 – Introducing Alexander
00:11:27 – CCTV Stories
00:17:02 – NYPD & Hiring Process
00:20:06 – NYPD’s Custom Software
00:28:42 – Break:  Couple Fight with Mark Stallo & Freddy Croft 
00:30:19 – Flush-o-meter Theft 
00:33:44 – COVID Project
00:37:13 – Crime Gun Intelligence Center
00:41:58 – Analyst Badge Story - Firearm Trafficking Program
00:52:58 – Favorite First Jobs
01:04:01 – Words to the World


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