Episode: 00089

Release Date: January 10, 2022

Description: The mission of reducing and preventing criminal activities and enhancing public safety is a collaborative effort amongst all those within a police department, thus it is important to understand what each unit and person’s roles and abilities are. In this week’s episode, Lt. Freddy Croft details his experience overseeing the crime analysis unit at the Houston Police Department (HPD), and discusses the differences between sworn and civilian analysts, especially when trying to implement more GIS projects within the department. Lt. Croft emphasized the joint efforts he had with analysts Barry Fosberg and Jim Mallard to propel HPD to the next level utilizing the latest best practices in data analytics. The episode concludes with Lt. Croft’s work in helping officers find additional work outside of the police department. Lt. Freddy Croft is currently a Lieutenant of Police for the Houston Police Department currently assigned to the Gang Division Crime Reduction Unit. 

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Name Drops: Barry Fosberg/Jim Mallard (00:02:55 and throughout), Patrick Alexander (00:16:45), Chris Delaney (00:43:52), 

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Barry Fosberg (https://www.leapodcasts.com/e/atwje-barry-fosberg-the-data-czar/

Jessica Elsmore

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00:00:17 – Introducing Freddy
00:05:29 – Analysts’ Morning
00:15:32 – Pushing Data to Patrol Vehicles
00:22:51 – The Analyst Perspective to Other Units
00:30:04 – Break:  Barry Fosberg & Jessica Elsmore
00:30:51 – GIS at the Police Department 
00:45:50 – Civilization of Police Analysts
00:51:09 – Personal Interest - Off Duty Assignments
00:59:36 – Words to the World


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