Episode: 00093

Release Date: February 7, 2022

Description: Do you think you know crime or just crime reporting? From university policing, to military intelligence, to local law enforcement – our guest this week, Nick Lootens, has a wealth of knowledge on how to thrive in the law enforcement analysis field. Nick offers us two very different badge stories this week: one involving an administrative analysis and research-based approach that led to a policy change regarding tactical vests; the other involving a homicide investigation where the perpetrator dismembered the victim (listener discretion advised). Nick elaborates on the different types of analysis done at his different assignments and gives tips on how aspiring analysts can be successful at each. The episode concludes with Nick’s love for the band and his involvement with marching band shows and competitions. Nick is currently a Senior Fraud Analyst for LexisNexis. 

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00:00:17 – Introducing Nick
00:07:49 – Army Reserves
00:16:19 – Department of Defense
00:18:11 – Home to Michigan
00:22:53 – Analyst Badge Story:  Dismemberment Case
00:36:24 – Break:  Manny San Pedro, Dawn Clausius 
00:37:32 – Data Origins
01:00:49 – Personal Interests: Drumline Coach 
01:06:23 – Words to the World



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