Episode: 00082

Release Date: November 22, 2021

Description: Human psychology, especially those of criminals, have been a topic of interest for many law enforcement / criminal justice majors; it is an ongoing study to understand why people commit and continue to commit crimes. In this episode, Dr. Shawna Gibson highlights her experience with the graduate forensic psychology program at John Jay College in New York and doctoral criminology program with the Università di Trento in Italy along with how she ultimately became a crime analyst. Shawna’s previous experience as a therapist and extensive research in white-collar crimes, information security, cybercrimes, and transatlantic cooperation brought a diverse and unique perspective to the Washington State Fusion Center as well the Bellevue Police Department. Shawna’s badge stories involve investigating burglary rings, including cooperating and networking with multiple entities and testifying as an expert witness. Shawna is currently a crime analyst for the Bellevue (WA) Police Department. 

Name Drops: Cynthia Konecny (00:25:20), Craig Werre/Kristina Shull (00:43:42), Frank Hennelly (00:45:07), Brian Salsig (00:51:41),  Christopher Bruce (00:54:48), 

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John Ng
Jamie Roush (https://www.leapodcasts.com/e/atwje-jamie-roush-the-aha-moment-analyst/)

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00:00:31 – Introducing Shawna
00:01:18 – Long Road to LEA
00:15:33 – Country Girl in New York City
00:17:28 – Counseling Domestic Violence Offenders
00:21:06 – Fusion Center Analyst
00:27:23 – Analyst Badge Story:  Robbery
00:34:52 – Break: John Ng & Jamie Roush
00:35:42 – Analyst Role in Fusion Centers
00:42:37 – Transitioning to Bellevue
00:47:32 – Analyst Badge Story:  Burglary Ring
00:51:28 – A Typical Week
00:55:05 – Testifying
01:02:39 – Assembling an Analyst Team
01:06:04 – Personal Interests:  Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune
01:12:25 – Words to the World 


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