Episode: 00069

Release Date: August 23, 2021

Description: This week’s guest went from data entry to crime analyst to product evangelist to running her own consulting company. Jamie Rouch tells us all about her law enforcement journey while also putting up with Jason’s dad jokes. Jamie’s badge story on the abduction of a 3 week old baby, taking place while she worked for the Jacksonville (FL) Sheriff's Office, tells the importance of utilizing analysts in major case callouts and the perspective analysts bring to complicated cases. Jamie also goes over the current challenges she is tackling to help the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Department of Correctional Services transition away from paper and implement an RMS and a case management system. Jamie is a big advocate of evidence based policing (EBP) and breaks down how agencies can go about incorporating EBP so police can work towards more effective, efficient, and transparent policing. Jamie is currently the co-founder of CRH Consulting.

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Related Links:  https://www.jacksonville.com/article/20101210/NEWS/801240066, https://www.jacksonville.com/news/20180707/20-years-after-her-infant-was-stolen-baby-kamiyahs-mother-still-suffers, https://www.digitalstakeout.com/, https://cebcp.org/, https://www.theiacp.org/sites/default/files/Research%20Center/RIB-Place-Based-Investigations-to-Disrupt-Crime-Place-Networks%20(1)%20(1).pdf, https://www.policefoundation.org/5-things-you-need-to-know-about-hot-spots-policing-the-koper-curve-theory/, https://ouraring.com/    

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00:00:31 – Introducing Jamie
00:07:30 – Analyst Badge Story - Child Abduction
00:15:21 – Analysts on Callouts
00:20:47 – From Public to Private Sector
00:28:03 – Break - Stacy Belledin & Angela Backer-Hines
00:29:46 – Advice & Evidence Based Policing
00:47:00 – Personal Interests - Health
01:00:30 – Words to the World


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