Episode: 00102

Release Date: April 11, 2022

Description: This week, Tammy Michelson, a human trafficking investigations subject matter expert (SME), gives us insights on the different types of human trafficking as well as her role as a task force analyst investigating these types of cases. Tammy also gives us insights on what it was like transitioning from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office which had 70 analysts to the Vancouver Police Department which had two, including her. The episode concludes with Tammy’s personal interest in watching and photographing state birds across the country and paddling. Tammy is currently a crime analyst for the City of Vancouver, WA. 

CHALLENGE: There are Easter eggs in one of the tables of the chapter that Jason wrote for the IACA textbook. First-person to email us at leapodcasts@gmail.com about what the Easter eggs are will receive a $20 gift card from us. Happy hunting!

Name Drops: Steve Gottlieb/Dr. Phoebe L. Kelsoe/Brian Gray/Annette Fajardo/Bryan Hill (00:02:29), Annie Mitchell (00:07:53), Barbara Hazard (00:10:22), Joe Lorenz (00:12:01),  Rachael Souza-Lowe (00:24:43), Kelly Kimsey (00:58:06)

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Shawna Gibson (https://www.leapodcasts.com/e/atwje-shawna-gibson-the-what-now-analyst/)
Small Steps Promo

Related Links: https://codes.findlaw.com/ca/penal-code/pen-sect-1347-1.html, Multidisciplinary Collaborative Model for Anti-Human Trafficking Task Forces: Development and Operations Roadmap (theiacp.org), https://therefugedmst.org/dmst-statistics, https://youtu.be/qDZPPhYu9tw (Dragon Boats)

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00:00:17 – Introducing Tammy
00:04:41 – Post Office Officer
00:07:17 – LA County Sheriff’s Department
00:17:56 – Downsizing in Vancouver, Washington
00:22:17 – Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce
00:27:08 – Break: Shawna Gibson & Small Steps Promo
00:29:43 – ABS:  Human Trafficking
00:38:27 – Working From Home
00:47:43 – Personal Interest:  Birding, Paddling
00:57:57 – Words to the World

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